July 4th, 2021 is the 245th Birthday of the United States! During our July Freedom Cycling Challenge, we will ride to remember the freedoms we have in our great country.

July's challenge is to ride 245 KM (152.2 miles) and remember all of the things that make our United States great!

The July 2021 Freedom Cycling Challenge

Challenge yourself to get on your bike and ride 245 KM during the month of July!

Rider Guidelines

Share the Fun with Others...

  1. For Facebook Users: Take a Selfie of yourself (or your bike during your ride) and join the conversation in the Facebook group using the #JulyFreedomChallenge hashtag.
  2. For Strava Users: Join the Strava challenge group so we can share in your cycling victories!

Track Your Progress

Track your rides during the month with the app of your choice (Strava, Map my Ride, Garmin, etc.) and submit your cycling stats once you complete the challenge.

Adult Rider Prize

Adult riders who complete the challenge and submit their ride evidence before the deadline can claim their decal badges for $5. Adult riders may ride double (2X) the hours to claim two (2) sets of decals for $7.

How the July 2021 Freedom Cycling Challenge Works

03-2021 March Challenge-Weather

The Prize...A Real-Life Achievement Badge?

Riders who complete the July 2021 Freedom Cycling Challenge will have the opportunity to purchase a set of two weatherproof and waterproof vinyl decals. The small decal is perfect for proudly showing your achievement to your bike or helmet, while the larger decal is perfect for a device, mug or vehicle.

Challenge Timeline

July 1, 2021

July 2021 Freedom Cycling Challenge Begins

July 31, 2021

End of the July 2021 Freedom Cycling Challenge

What's Next?...Submit Your Ride Evidence

Before August 5, 2021

Claim Your Challenge Patch

When you complete the challenge...

  1. Visit https://kansascitybiketrails.com/
  2. Scroll to the Bottom of the Page
  3. Complete the Form and Purchase your Challenge patch(es) on or before August 5, 2021 at 11:59 PM CDT.)

General Guidelines

  1. Bike Safely and Enjoy the Ride! (National Safety Council)
  2. Don't Put Yourself at Risk. Ride smart and take care of your health. Follow all of the COVID-19 recommendations from your local community and the CDC.
  3. Tracking Your Rides. We're not going to scrutinize your ride evidence under a microscope, but you do have to submit it to be eligible to receive a patch. Generally, the minimum ride evidence you will be asked to submit is the total number of miles ridden during the challenge. Screenshots and selfies are completely optional...but encouraged on Facebook and Strava. If you don't have the technology to track your ride on an app or smart device, simply map it out on Google maps and send a screen shot of the route and mileage.
  4. Use Your Best Judgement. The purpose of the monthly challenge isn't to parse the rules and call out every loophole. Use your best judgement and let your conscience be your guide. If unsure, ask in the monthly challenge Facebook group. At the end of the day only you will know if you honestly earned the patch.
  5. Be Nice. The purpose of these monthly challenges is to have fun and build some community around a common goal. Be nice online (and when you ride) and we'll all get along famously!

July 2021 Freedom Cycling Challenge
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